How To Tell When A Tree Needs To Be Removed

Taking care of our trees is a big responsibility. It is a task that should be done by all human  in the world. They are the reason why we are able to breathe and live the way we do now. It is not a surprise though that some trees wilt or slowly die as all living things do. It is actually very important to tell when to take a tree out or have it serviced by a tree service. These dying trees may be potential hazards to people around it. It could seriously injure people if the branches or tree itself collapses. That is something that would happen if the tree is not taken out or dealt with at an early time. Here are some the signs of when to take out a tree.


One of the tell tale signs of when a tree needs to be removed is its trunk. Paying close attention to the trunk of the tree will give you a general idea on whether or not it should be removed or not. If you see any cracks or seams, this would suggest that it is slowly dying and would need to be removed as soon as possible. Dead branches would suggest large internal decay and usually means that it is not gonna be standing anymore soon. If the wounds or decay on the tree is only about 25 percent of the tree then that would not be a problem at all as the tree would just heal itself on its own. Although if it is anything more than that it would mean that it is too damaged to be saved.

If the tree has a lot of dead branches then that would mean it would be slowly dying. Anything more than 25 percent would mean permanent damage but if it is lower than 25 percent there may be a chance of it being saved. Large dead branches would be hazardous to people passing by through those trees. Especially if the tree is located in a park wherein it is heavily populated. Those branches may fall off at anytime and severely injure people that are hit by the falling tree branch. These may actually be corrected as early as possible by thinning and splitting the branch for it to be corrected. This is especially dangerous if all the dead branches are on one side of the branch only. This would cause the tree to split and damage even more than just people even structures around would be in danger.

These are some of the tell tale signs of trees that need to be removed as soon as possible. It is not just dangerous for people but it is not good for the ecosystem of the trees. The trees that are dying may infect other trees and turn them into dying trees which would not be ideal. Taking care of the trees is a responsibility everyone should take on and should be taken seriously. Deforestation is a real problem right now and we need to be able to stop it before it is too late.

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